Our adv system allow spaces with 728x90, 468x60 and 234x60 px for static or gif images. You can also advertise with vídeo or if listed on CMC with your token featured. To advertise you must sign up to our advertise portal, choose your slot and that´s all. To sign up on our advertise portal go: if you have any question contact us.

If you want to add an article to our website we have 3 different options. The prices are the following:

- Sponsored article / 50 USDT
- Sponsored article featured / 80 USDT
- Sponsored article on recommended posts / 100 USDT

Note that all advertise services are payed on our token BULLC to our wallet 0x9Daa04D813a9beEcaB5B47b881456509eb103Da8

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